TPM – The Pentecostal Mission


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Have you guys heard of The Pentecostal Mission (TPM)? I’m sure you must have heard some half-baked guys singing loudly, off-tune and with reverberations of “Hallelluiah” and “Praise the Lord” every five minutes late into the night in your neighbourhood. Well these guys are part of the “Halleluiah goshti” or Pentecostals.

The strong, fanatical and only true followers of Christ are the TPM members.

The TPM members feel that they are unlike the lilies of the valley, which neither spin nor toil and let their heavenly father take care of them. Either these guys live in morbid fear of hell or an intense longing for heaven: Otherwise I find it hard to interpret their fanatical devotion to misinterpreting the Bible.Some of the things that are likely to get the goat of non-believers (in their language this word includes the poor, deluded Christians…

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Jesus asks a question to philip which he struggles to answer. Jesus always asked questions but no one gave proper answer to him. God asks Job some hard question where he was to unable to answer. But jesus gave a profound answer to all who questioned him pharisees-mary stoning? Satan temtptation? We also might have many questions in our life. But there is only one can answer the God who made u. I am saying this not because it is written in bible but because i too had some critical questions in my life. Why i had brain tb? Why i was i coma? Why i am paralysed? Why always me with pain, suffering alone? U will get your answer when u ask to the right person. I luckily askd my question to the right person that is our Jesus he has answer to all our questions. Today i am standistanding bfr u guys glorifying our lord Jesus he chose me to glorify him. I have many people to testify what they witnessed in my life my frds, parents, doctors etc. I know him that he can answer my all questions in my life. What do u think? My God takes care of boat in which i am travelling what about u?